Is a Rational Discussion of Open Access Possible? Watch This Space…

This blog has been created to host the text (and slides) of my lecture “Is a Rational Discussion of Open Access Possible?,” which I’ll be presenting at the Smithsonian Libraries at noon ET on 10 March 2014. The lecture will be viewable in real time here, and its text will be posted on this blog on Wednesday, 12 March. (Comments will be opened at that time.) The lecture will have a permanent online home in USpace, my library’s institutional repository.

Why will I be posting the lecture here?

I expect the talk will in some ways be controversial (the abstract alone has already generated heated responses on Twitter), so in the interest of transparency and fairness I plan to read the text rather than speak spontaneously and will then make the whole talk and its slides freely available to the public for comment. While I expect there to be lots of reactions on Twitter both during and after, I’m going to refrain from engaging with commenters there — Twitter is great for soundbites and slogans, but it’s not very conducive to substantive discussion of complicated topics. Anyone who would like to comment here on the blog will be welcome, and I’ll respond as best I can. (Of course, people will be free to comment in whatever forum they choose, but this is the one I’ll be actively monitoring.)